Your privacy is a key concern for us, so here's the details of our policy.

This is the privacy policy for Tenacious Fox Ltd, and covers all information held by the company including that collected via this (and any associated) website.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us at "hello at".

Here at Tenacious Fox Ltd, we are concerned about your security; we understand that you, as a consumer, have expectations of privacy, and we feel that it is our responsibility to inform you what information we capture and how it is used.

If you have any concerns about our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help.

At no time will Tenacious Fox Ltd give away, resell or otherwise hand over any information capture to a third party unless required to by law.

For each visitor to our web page, our web server automatically recognises the consumer's domain name, connecting Internet Service Provider and browser details, but not any uniquly identifiable information about a user. The aggregated information collected is used for enhancing the information delivered through our website, and tailouring our future product development services.

In order to capture the above information, this website uses cookies. At no time do we store any sensitive information in cookies, and all cookies expire as soon as you close your browser. If you wish to prevent our website from recording any information, please configure your browser as appropriate - however, some functionality, such as our purchasing system, may not be available if you do this.

All confidential information processed by our systems is fully encrypted, and all online purchases occur in a secure sockets layer (SSL) session for your security. In addition, we take stringent measures to control physical access to all our computer equipment to further protect any information that we hold.

Upon request, you may ask for all the information that we hold about you - including, but not limited to, any digital or hard copy records. A fee may be charged for this service to cover any administrative costs.

This privacy policy was last updated on the 10th June 2018.